Pumpkin Seed Milk

Milk from seeds?

I never liked to drink milk by itself but I do enjoy it in cappuccinos, shakes and cheeses in spite of the fact that it isn’t good for me. I’m trying very hard to ween myself off of it. On that note, I’ve tried to come up with  a way to enjoy milk and cheeses that comes from sources other than dairy.

Since studying raw veganism,  I’ve experimented with different ways to make milk out of nuts. One of my favorite creations is milk produced from pumpkin seeds. Not only is it nutritious for you, it tastes fantastic!

So here it is! The recipe for this amazing pumpkin seed milk!

Soak the pumpkin seeds in purified water for five hours
Wash and drain the seeds
Add one cup of rinsed seeds for every three cups of water to a blender. Blend until liquified.
Use a cheese cloth to extract the milk
Voila! Pumpkin Seed Milk

You can save the seed pulp to make pâtés or cheeses!  I’ll show these recipes soon.

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